Are glasses and frames your priority?
We take care of all what goes around.

  • Accessories for end users (cases, pouches, cleaning cloths.) These are not always part of your specialty.


  • Equipments for sales teams (sample bags, trays.) It is not easy for you to find a solution which can satisfy everybody.


  • Articles for shops (P.O.S materials, boutique bags.) They require an harmony in style.


Since 1996, your peace of mind is our reward.


We know our job. We are professionals.

With us, you can focus on the core of your business.


You can find time to breathe.


“We think like a Manager of your own company”



EXPLORIS has been European managed for more than 20 years.

Running production in Asia means you need to be on the spot : we have therefore decided to live there, for you.


From project development to delivery, we are running through

multiple validation steps : sampling, production process and quality are organized according to strict rules.


We have clients in more than 45 countries; we know how to understand you wherever you are.


 “Push back our limits”

Without a zest of imagination, cases would still be like they were 70 years ago.


EXPLORIS is today a leading supplier of designer brands. There is a reason to that. To get better ideas, we need to think first, and better than others. And move out of our base. As an example, EXPLORIS has been the first company to design wooden cases below one dollar.


EXPLORIS is the inventor of the 50-50 foldable cases, the multi-point magnetic trays , and the “CHOCOLATE” sample bags that you are finding around you.


“A permanent optimization”

All our most innovative or difficult items remain developed and produced in our owned production units.


On our production lines of Huaqiao, we are running one of the largest Asian productions of sample bags, trays and sewn etuis, in pure or artificial leathers.


On our lines of Shijie, we have developed the best assembly stations for foldable cases.


“A complete system”

For your sales force :


The aspect and quality of your sample bags and presentation trays give the very first impression about your company.


In a shop :


A proper facing of frames, close to related brand locators, a neat layout in display trays will raise your clients’ confidence.


In your client’s hands :


A luxurious boutique bag, an attractive case and a quality microfiber cleaning cloth will help to recommend your brand.


We have built a complete universe to satisfy you.



Semi Hard Eva Cases

Aluminium Tuxedo Cases

Aluminium Origami Cases

Aluminium 50-50 Cases

Envelope Folding Cases

Leather Etuis

Soft Felt Pouches

Neoprene Pouches

Neo-Vintage Etuis

Wooden Cases

Textile Felt Pouches

Microfibre Solutions

Boutique Bags

Counter Trays

Basic Packaging

Microfibre Gloves


Chocolate Sample Bags

Cargo Sample Bags

Sample Trays

Feather Weight Sample Packs

« LYCHEE » and « ARMOUR »
Sample Bags


“Always close”

Since 2004, we welcome you at optical fairs in Paris, Munich and Milan.


At our Customer Service, in Shanghai, only one multi-task contact person is assigned to your account.


You can also join and follow us on social networks.




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523300 Shijie, Dongguan, China



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