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“To think like a member of your own Management Team”

Sourcing, buying, monitoring production and ensuring a steady quality from Asia means that several trips need to be planned every year.


It costs a lot of money, and takes on your time, this on products which are generally low valued. A lot of efforts are needed to keep your advantage, and finally, the bill becomes hefty.


Running production in Asia means you better remain on the spot : we have therefore decided to live there, for you. And we have developed our own production facilities.


EXPLORIS has been European managed for more than 20 years. We have clients in every single European country, as well as on every continent, in totally over 45 different places. We know that wherever you are, you have your own thinking , but we are proud of our capacity to listen and understand you.


From project development to delivery, we are running through multiple validation steps : sampling, production process, and quality. All are organized according to strict rules.


“Push back our limits”

Without a zest of imagination, cases would be same as 70 years ago.


EXPLORIS is today a leading supplier of Designer Brands. There is a reason to that. Such names need to appear outstanding. They wish to integrate packaging and P.O.S. materials into a global concept. They are able to find in us a one-stop opportunity to help reach their goal.


To get better ideas, we need to think first, and better than others. We dare moving out of our base. As an example, EXPLORIS has been the first company to design wooden cases below one dollar. To find the right materials, we went to places which were out of any map. And then, we dared investing into our future.


We are also attending Fashion Weeks, grasping inspiration from other fields of activity and social networks, also communicating with the ones who share our view, to create better packaging for the future.


EXPLORIS is the inventor and patent-holder of the 50-50 foldable cases, the multi point magnetic trays , and the honeycombed sample cargo bags that you are finding all around you.


You will not see here all our creations : we also produce on a ODM basis what best brands develop through their own Design teams, making your dreams achievable.

“A permanent optimization”



Our most faithful clients have been following our evolution, from a small workshop in Wuxi, then the launch, in Huaqiao ,of the first ever local factory fully dedicated to the production of sample bags and trays. Finally they saw our progressive integration of several specialized lines under a common management in Dongguan.


All our most innovative or difficult items are, and will remain, developed and manufactured in our own production units.


In the spring of 2018,we decided a big jump into the future, with the transfer, out of Shanghai and down to Dongguan, of all our Customer Service and Design lab , in the core of our production facility.


Five lines are now dedicated to foldable and unfoldable cases Specific production units have been created for real leather and PU vintage pouches.


Bags and trays are also now manufactured in the same place, all these synergies making our global quality system one of the most efficient in all Asia.

Foldables cases


Sample Bags




Frames and lenses are likely your priority : to prove to a client that your frames suit him best shall obviously come first.


Accessories for end users (cases, pouches, cleaning cloths.) are

just your cherry on the cake.

You have little time to well think which case could best fit your

frames. On our side, we design cases which are matching, whatever their style or size can be.


Every year, you need to expand your collections, or add new limited series, to catch every new rising trend.

When it comes to finding new distributors, you need to show the best possible image of your company.

We have made sales tools (sample bags, trays) every year more innovative.

It is not easy for you to find a solution which can satisfy everybody.

We know how to advise you, and whenever necessary, design something totally exclusive for your brand.


Once your frames are referenced in a shop, a new client needs to quickly identify them, and easily understand your brand concept.

Articles for shops (name blocks, poster cards, boutique bags...) require an harmony in style . Therefore, we conceive all your promotional sets in-house.


Since 1996, your peace of mind is our reward.

We know our job. We are professionals.

With us, you can focus on the core of your business.


You can at last find time to breathe.



A - Rigid Cases

B - Etuis and Pouches

C - Care and Give way

D - Boutique Exclusives

E - Salesmen Tools



For the last 15 years, we have been present at optical fairs in Paris, Munich , Milan. London, Hong Kong and Tokyo


Our Customer Service is now located at our factory in Dongguan. There, we will follow for you every new project, production planning, manufacturing , quality control, shipment and invoicing.


You can also join and ask us on social networks.


And why not visiting us?


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F3, No.205, North Dongfeng Road,

523300 Shijie, Dongguan, China


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At EXPLORIS, we think our presence near you is an opportunity.


It is a great time to meet you on international fairs.


But our trips, our celebrations, our successes, all we owe to you.


Therefore we are offering you these memories from the history that you are building for us.





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