“Push back our limits”

Without a zest of imagination, cases would be same as 70 years ago.


EXPLORIS is today a leading supplier of Designer Brands. There is a reason to that. Such names need to appear outstanding. They wish to integrate packaging and P.O.S. materials into a global concept. They are able to find in us a one-stop opportunity to help reach their goal.


To get better ideas, we need to think first, and better than others. We dare moving out of our base. As an example, EXPLORIS has been the first company to design wooden cases below one dollar. To find the right materials, we went to places which were out of any map. And then, we dared investing into our future.


We are also attending Fashion Weeks, grasping inspiration from other fields of activity and social networks, also communicating with the ones who share our view, to create better packaging for the future.


EXPLORIS is the inventor and patent-holder of the 50-50 foldable cases, the multi point magnetic trays , and the honeycombed sample cargo bags that you are finding all around you.


You will not see here all our creations : we also produce on a ODM basis what best brands develop through their own Design teams, making your dreams achievable.

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