Sourcing, buying, monitoring production and ensuring a steady quality from Asia means that several trips need to be planned every year.


It costs a lot of money, and takes on your time, this on products which are generally low valued. A lot of efforts are needed to keep your advantage, and finally, the bill becomes hefty.


Running production in Asia means you better remain on the spot : we have therefore decided to live there, for you. And we have developed our own production facilities.


EXPLORIS has been European managed for more than 20 years. We have clients in every single European country, as well as on every continent, in totally over 45 different places. We know that wherever you are, you have your own thinking , but we are proud of our capacity to listen and understand you.


From project development to delivery, we are running through multiple validation steps : sampling, production process, and quality. All are organized according to strict rules.


“To think like a member of your own Management Team”

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