“A permanent optimization”



Our most faithful clients have been following our evolution, from a small workshop in Wuxi, then the launch, in Huaqiao ,of the first ever local factory fully dedicated to the production of sample bags and trays. Finally they saw our progressive integration of several specialized lines under a common management in Dongguan.


All our most innovative or difficult items are, and will remain, developed and manufactured in our own production units.


In the spring of 2018,we decided a big jump into the future, with the transfer, out of Shanghai and down to Dongguan, of all our Customer Service and Design lab , in the core of our production facility.


Five lines are now dedicated to foldable and unfoldable cases Specific production units have been created for real leather and PU vintage pouches.


Bags and trays are also now manufactured in the same place, all these synergies making our global quality system one of the most efficient in all Asia.

Foldables cases


Sample Bags


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