A professional production

A human environment​

Corporate social responsibility has always been at the heart of EXPLORIS thinking.
It’s a bit normal for a European managed team in Asia, and the reason why many teammates are joining our productive environment today.

We opted for measures that cost more than what you would normally pay when you think you got a cheap price. But we believe that our teammates, managers, office workers, line operators all deserve our utmost respect. We do not provide small dormitories to our workers, but help them finance decent housing, where they can live with their families.

We provide comprehensive social security funds for everyone. We train in our methods, and we set up the 7S program in our factory, to motivate everyone on the same project.

A permanent optimization

At the start, we had a limited production capacity, and therefore had to partly subcontract around us. Then the quality of our service allowed us to rely on key customers. We were able to generate enough savings to fully reinvest in a production tool covering all our needs on our own.

In 2018, we took on a big challenge, out of any tendency to go cheap North, and selected the most reliable production area within South China, in Dongguan, to move there and consolidate under one roof, all our productions.

All our products, among the most innovative or complex, are developed and manufactured on our own site. Our tools are developed on site before hosting all the production there. Our customer service, our design center, our quality office, all come together on three floors to ensure optimal communication.

Several lines are now dedicated to foldable or rigid cases, created from aluminum sheets or recycled cardboard, but also to sewn soft cases or cleaning cloths. Our thermoformed shell unit incorporates modern high-tech equipment. Our sample bags and trays are also entirely produced in the same place.

Our factory is audited by government services, and in full compliance with all existing safety, prevention, and environmental programs. Our emissions are analyzed, collected, and filtered. All our discharges are subject to a collection, recycling, or controlled waste management system.

We are a pilot plant

These synergies place our method and quality system among the most efficient in Asia.


“A response at the heart of tomorrow’s market”