Our Planet

Our Planet


“Caring is not just a word, but a set of actions”

In 2012, EXPLORIS released a new graphic chart, adding a little tree on top of its logo.

This was already for us a very clear reminder to keep going into the right direction. Ever since we have successively introduced several types of sustainable product ranges.

EXPLORIS has been nominated for CSE awards.
EXPLORIS factory is also GRS certified by Intertek Laboratories.

Our complete system is with our planet and its people in mind.
Our commitment is indefectible.
Our goal is to have every of our products reaching a maximum score of sustainability.


EXPLORIS is known for its vison. We are not showing some eco-fashionable words to add a tag on a social network, or to follow a trend.
By innovating towards more compact, more natural products, by simplifying our production procedures, by working in healthy premises, by training our people, we are creating a whole biotope which makes our approach turn into unquestionable results.


We have abandoned the production of heavy, bulky, and polluting clamshell cases, and we instead specialized into the bending of native or recycled aluminum sheets.
We have optimized the formats of our cases by developing the most compact folding cases on the market.
Savings in logistics charges, reduction of the CO2 footprint, but also less volume when storing your glasses at a warehouse, but also less space required to hold your frames; Here come cases that can neatly fit in your pocket!


Say stop to cases that end up in the trash or in a drawer with a broken hinge or worn materials.
Our cases are designed to last and remain useful and fun to use. You treat them with passion like personal leather goods accessories.
Their design, durability and format often make them reusable for other functions.


We use recycled materials, such as rPET from plastic waste, kraft recycled cellulose paper, recomposed leather, or natural by-products such as organic textiles or cork.
We have in mind both meanings of the term. On other cases, we prefer materials that enable the most efficient recycling circuit and allow great savings in the event of repeated recycling generations: Polyester, ABS, PP and aluminium.


“A response at the heart of tomorrow’s market”