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Exploris remains a B to B company, with an SME size. Indeed, do not think that the value of the cases, and the associated profit are important. A case is often offered, and promotional tools limited to tight budgets.

Did you know that the average gross profit of a case factory is 15 times lower in value than that of an equivalent frame company? However, we have existed for more than 25 years, with extraordinary clients, who make us love our job. We are happy to bring an evolution to the market, to produce our cases in the heart of Asia for the benefit of our customers all over the world. Do you know that we started out of nothing ? More than half of our clients come from word of mouth. Recommend us, because we belong to the same family as you, with the same objective of quality, to bring you peace of mind. So support us ! We need you !

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Did you know that we have already exhibited for 25 years at Mido and Silmo? 20 times in Opti Munich, but also in Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York and even in the Middle East. Having customers on every continent has a reason. Do not think too much ! Meeting our customers and our future friends is our happiness and our reason to fight every day on the other side of the world.

Our Factory

Exploris and our own factory in Dongguan are there for you. Some of our productions for certain brands take place behind closed doors, to respect our confidentiality commitments, but we will be happy to set a date to welcome you to our plant. Many of our customers have kept an exceptional memory. So are we. Communicate, share, get to know us, get closer to you, make our customers known to our workers who every day are focused on your production, all this contributes to the influence of our activity. We are just 90 minutes away from Hong Kong, and 60 minutes from Guangzhou or Shenzhen airports. So welcome, wholehearted!


“A response at the heart of tomorrow’s market”