These triangular folding cases have a raised hinge and a clever system of inward folding sides, with a clip fastening system.
They are covered by a solid patent. And all these designs are registered.
These cases are incredibly compact, but still, their specific shape allows them to accommodate a wide range of styles and sizes. They fold up easily, and when flat, the sides of the case are protected.
They are particularly suitable for feminine acetate frames.

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Outer length 160 mm (Longueur externe)
Outer width 58 mm (Largeur externe)
Outer height 38 mm (Hauteur externe)
Outer thickness, folded 9 mm (Epaisseur plié)
Max inside length 156 mm (Longueur intérieure utile)
Max inside width 55 mm (Largeur intérieure utile)
Max inside height 37 mm (Hauteur intérieure utile)
Weight 87 g (Poids)