These foldable, or rigid compact cases have the particularity of containing only one type of material: recycled and certified kraft paper, in the form of microcellular cardboard and waterproof kraft paper.
These cases are available without magnets, to be fully biodegradable, incinerated, or sorted in paper bins, without the need for disassembly.

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Outer length 160 mm (Longueur externe)
Outer width 63 mm (Largeur externe)
Outer height 56 mm (Hauteur externe)
Outer thickness, folded 15 mm (Epaisseur plié)
Max inside length 157 mm (Longueur intérieure utile)
Max inside width 58 mm (Largeur intérieure utile)
Max inside height 50 mm (Hauteur intérieure utile)
Weight 69 g (Poids)