These cases are the most compact square or rectangular side cases on the market today.
Two patents and a series of registered designs protect these unique creations.
These cases fold into two equal parts, allowing maximum savings in terms of transport and therefore minimizing transport and storage costs in stock or in store.
Their flat shape allows perfect stacking for effective presentation.

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Outer length 152 mm (Longueur externe)
Outer width 58 mm (Largeur externe)
Outer height 49 mm (Hauteur externe)
Outer thickness, folded 8 mm (Epaisseur plié)
Max inside length 148 mm (Longueur intérieure utile)
Max inside width 52 mm (Largeur intérieure utile)
Max inside height 47 mm (Hauteur intérieure utile)
Weight 129 g (Poids)