EVA cases can be rot-proof and able to float. They are also resistant to chemical agents, withstand temperature variations, and therefore constitute ideal cases intended for sports and extreme uses.
Once again, we have chosen to invest in more expensive equipment, but which allows us great freedom of action, and a precise result to produce selection boxes for customers, reusable after-sales service return kits, or many negotiation presentation tools for the sales force.

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Outer length 181 mm (Longueur externe)
Outer width 220 mm (Largeur externe)
Outer height 73 mm (Hauteur externe)

Max inside length 168 mm (Longueur intérieure utile)
Max inside width 218 mm (Largeur intérieure utile)
Max inside height 60 mm (Hauteur intérieure utile)
Weight 242 g (Poids)